Month: June 2019

Little People: A Fantasy Story About Fathers, Sons, and Monsters by Daniel Charles Wild.

I have a little announcement—I wrote and published a novella. I illustrated the cover too. It’s a 20,000 word YA fantasy adventure story, but I think it will appeal to readers of all ages. It deals with some pretty large (and small) themes, and just a heads up—it might be a little dark. In it, a town is terrorized, an adult makes a terrible choice, and a child is badly hurt—and that’s just the first chapter. Things get even wilder after that.

Below is the cover, title, and plot description.

Little People: A Fantasy Story About Fathers, Sons, and Monsters by Daniel Charles Wild

Five days after his estranged father’s funeral, a young man is visited in his apartment by two tiny figurines from the father’s basement model train diorama.

They are desperate for help and claim that their world is in terrible danger. Their sun has been out for a week, the train has stopped running, and an unstoppable monster from the outside world has gotten into the basement.

This is a wild adventure that may or may not be true about a son’s discovery of and quest to save the hidden world his mysterious father left behind.

It’s available on Amazon.

The first chapter is free. Check it out and let me know what you think. If you enjoy the story, please consider leaving a review. Reviews help increase the book’s visibly in the Kindle store, and let other readers know if it’s worth checking out.

Daniel Charles Wild is an author and illustrator who lives inside his head. Little People: A Story About Fathers, Sons, and Monsters is his first published novella. It’s not the first story he’s written though, and it won’t be the last.

Digital Billboards in Champaign to Display Tornado Warnings

Champaign, Ill. — Wouldn’t it be great if huge, luminescent signs could instantly warn us if tornados are approaching? Thanks to a donation from Adams Outdoor Advertising to the people of Central Illinois in the interest of public safety, digital billboards in Champaign, Ill., will soon do just that.

Adams Outdoor Advertising in Champaign has nine digital billboards situated in some of the highest traffic areas in the city. If a tornado warning is in effect within 20 miles of the structures, they will display notifications from the National Weather Service – potentially alerting tens of thousands if they’re in danger and need to seek shelter.

“Digital billboards are great at reaching a lot of people fast, so it’s a perfect medium for these alerts,” said Reid Reker, general manager of Adams Outdoor locations in Champaign and Peoria. “We currently donate space to the FBI for Amber Alerts; now we’ve given the National Weather Service access to the network too.”

Adams Outdoor will implement weather alerts in Peoria as well, so the next time there’s a storm brewing in central Illinois, look to the digital billboards! We look forward to providing this public service to the community.

About Adams Outdoor Advertising

Adams Outdoor Advertising is one of the most recognized outdoor companies in the nation. Currently covering 14 markets in 8 states throughout the U.S., Adams provides its customers with a vast array of out-of-home advertising products. Locally, Adams has received recognition for their partnerships with 40 North, City of Champaign, Crisis Nursery, Crime Stoppers, and many other non-profit organizations. For more information visit