Digital Billboards in Champaign to Display Tornado Warnings

Champaign, Ill. — Wouldn’t it be great if huge, luminescent signs could instantly warn us if tornados are approaching? Thanks to a donation from Adams Outdoor Advertising to the people of Central Illinois in the interest of public safety, digital billboards in Champaign, Ill., will soon do just that.

Adams Outdoor Advertising in Champaign has nine digital billboards situated in some of the highest traffic areas in the city. If a tornado warning is in effect within 20 miles of the structures, they will display notifications from the National Weather Service – potentially alerting tens of thousands if they’re in danger and need to seek shelter.

“Digital billboards are great at reaching a lot of people fast, so it’s a perfect medium for these alerts,” said Reid Reker, general manager of Adams Outdoor locations in Champaign and Peoria. “We currently donate space to the FBI for Amber Alerts; now we’ve given the National Weather Service access to the network too.”

Adams Outdoor will implement weather alerts in Peoria as well, so the next time there’s a storm brewing in central Illinois, look to the digital billboards! We look forward to providing this public service to the community.

About Adams Outdoor Advertising

Adams Outdoor Advertising is one of the most recognized outdoor companies in the nation. Currently covering 14 markets in 8 states throughout the U.S., Adams provides its customers with a vast array of out-of-home advertising products. Locally, Adams has received recognition for their partnerships with 40 North, City of Champaign, Crisis Nursery, Crime Stoppers, and many other non-profit organizations. For more information visit www.adamsoutdoor.com.

Adams Outdoor Advertising – Champaign 2018 Holiday Card

As the art director of the Adams Outdoor Advertising – Champaign branch, each year I get the opportunity to create the holiday card that we send out to our clients. For the last two years our card has featured the Adams Elves – a group caricature of our general manager and account executives as elves singing outdoor themed parodies of famous Christmas carols.

Typically the writing I do for work is for billboard ad copy, which can’t be too long, and the occasional social media post, which I try to keep brief as well. So, it’s fun to get a chance to write slightly longer form copy, and even more so when it’s parody song writing.

This year’s song is “Rockin’ Billboard Advertising” sung to the tune of “Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree.” (Last year’s card was a parody of “Jingle Bells” titled “Billboard Sells.”)

Check out the photos of the Adams Outdoor Adverting – Champaign card and feel free to sing along!

Rockin’ Billboard Advertising

(Sung to the tune of Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree)


Rockin’ billboard advertising

Will make your marketing pop

Billboards hung for clients driving

Will make the traffic stop!

Rockin’ billboard advertising

Will make your business line ring

Later your profits will reach the sky

When you do some marketing!

You will get a successful feeling when you hear

Clients saying, “Take our money!”

Deck the halls with faces sunny!

Rockin’ billboard advertising

Have a profitable payday

Marketing your business merrily

In the Adams Outdoor way!

Aim Asphalt Paves The Day!

Asphalt Man and Compactor Kid are kind of a big deal in the aptly named town of Battle Creek, Michigan.

Over the last year I illustrated their epic battle across the billboards against their arch nemesis The Gator. The campaign ran for a year in Battle Creek, Michigan, and it just might be the largest comic book ever.

The campaign was created for Aim Asphalt and was the result of a collaboration between two Adams Outdoor Advertising markets in Champaign, IL and Kalamazoo, MI.

I wrote the initial story and provided the illustrations every month. The Art Direction and design was managed by the Art Director and designer of the Adams’ Kalamazoo branch.

If you would like to know more about Aim Asphalt, check out their website at www.aimasphalt.com.


So, I’m a compulsive doodler, and I’ve got notebooks full of random drawings.

There usually isn’t a lot of conscious thought involved. I just doodle, and then occasionally I’ll look at what I’ve drawn and think it’s interesting enough to hit with a little color. Themes I’ve noticed are animals, robots, spaceships, and little drawings of me.

Below are some of the doodles. Enjoy!

Links to my social media

I’m getting interested in blogging. It seems like a good medium for longer posts that’ll allow me to post articles about current projects. For starters, I’m going to do some experimental posts to learn the ends and outs of WordPress. I might delete these posts once I really get rolling – if I really get rolling.

This is a test post in which I’m going to link to some of my other social media pages. Wheee!

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This is my main page at http://www.danwild.com. It’s my website, and features samples of my work and my contact information. The site needs to be updated. I’ll get to it eventually.

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My portfolio featuring a ton of work. I seriously need to scale these samples down. I will at some point.


If we’ve worked together, connect with me on LinkedIn. I keep my profile fairly up to date, and share work on here often.

Business Facebook

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I kind of love Instagram. It’s the social media platform I’m the most active on. I typically post doodles, and the occasional project I’m proud of.


This is kind of the back-end of my Prosite. I have additional samples of my work on here and I have links to a few artists portfolios I follow. Feel free to check it out if your interested.


Yeah, I’m on Twitter. I hardly use it, but who knows. I might get more into it down the road.


I have a few videos on here. Mostly examples of past multimedia projects. I will likely do more with this page in the new future. Keep watching!


I’m on YouTube too. I have a few videos of me caricaturing on here. Check it out.


Here’s a link to my artist profile on Gigmasters. Most of my caricaturing leads come from Gigmasters, so if your an entertainer interested in going pro, I highly recommend you check out this website.